MICURAE Infographic Movie Design

Exhibited in "China International Import Expo"

Company Intro

MICURAE is a medical consulting company delivering boutique healthcare services to their clients. Their team consist of international reputable and experienced clinicians. MICURAE provides highly professional and personalised medical information services to all clients converting the field of cancer, rehabilitation, paediatrics and obstetrics just to name a few.

Final Video 1
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Final Video 2
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Design Background

These two infographic movie aims to introduce the company “MICURAE” with motion graphic, and exhibit at “China International Import Expo (CIIE). The movie is required to utilise “high tech, sci-fi” element to visualise the aspects of the company and their services. 

The first movie is cooperated, finished by Xiangyu Shi (Me), Yao Huang, Zihong Wang. The second movie is my individual work.

China International Import Expo


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